Conscious Versus Subconscious Action

There is a distinction between conscious and subconscious action and I love this thought because it allows us to see the difference between the things we do through awareness and the others that are done through unawareness.

Consciousness means that we are aware or awake to everything within our space. Sub consciousness is anything below this type of awareness

Subconscious actions are the things we do without thinking or pondering, we just do them; they are automatic. These are the habits, behaviors and underlying beliefs that move us through life automatically. I refer to these as our default mode. There is an interesting correlation between habits, behaviors and beliefs. They all signify similar things. Habits and behaviors both are based on the word have. Habit comes from the Latin word haber which means to have. Behave when broken down be/have also means to have. These are the actions that we take without thinking. These actions dictate our choices and ultimately the outcomes of those choices. Beliefs mean to have or to hold dear yet these are not necessarily the subconscious actions, but the underlying beliefs driving those actions.

Conscious actions are the actions we take on an awareness level. This is where we are fully aware of our choices, experiences, surroundings, outcomes and etc.

The beauty of these two action types is that they are both necessary for our advancement.

Conscious actions can become subconscious actions. In other words, if you perform a positive or negative conscious action long enough, you will master it and it will become automatic or subconscious. If you would like to create new positive habits, the key is to repeat this new behavior long enough consciously for it to become subconscious. Our goal is to create enough positive subconscious actions that these positive subconscious actions put our body into the mode of creating the things we would truly like to have in our lives rather than accepting those negative things that are already there.

Conscious action vs. subconscious action

Subconscious action is the action you take that is automatic. This is your current behavior or default system. Conscious action on the other hand is the awareness system wherein you are actually choosing on a moment to moment basis what your decisions and outcomes will be. Both actions are committed meaning that you Do them.

I want to clarify the distinction between Commit and Engage. To commit means to perpetrate or to perform. Engage means to make a pledge or promise. In America we swap the meanings of these two words. We use engage as though it were the action part of our statement and commit as though it were a promise. When we engage we promise and when we commit, we act. To know what you are committed to, look at what you do. What you do is what you are committed to.

Subconscious actions are usually more committed than conscious actions. What I mean by this is you are more likely to perform a subconscious act than a conscious one. Conscious action can carry the same commitment, but it takes more focused energy and effort.

If we would like to create new habits, behaviors and beliefs, we must first determine what those new behaviors will be. When we have determined what the new behavior will be, we must look at the current behaviors. If we don’t know where we are, we cannot get to where we are going. By knowing our current and future behaviors, we can begin to create a clear path from one to the other.

Once we have established the two points, the next step is to create a pathway from the one to the other with actions that we know we will act on. In goal setting, I have witnessed many people who set goals that are too lofty for their current accomplishments. In most cases these people will go back to their default mode; what they already do and the goal will fizzle and fade. The reason I tell my clients to set actions and promises they know they will engage, is because I want them to succeed on a consistent basis long enough that these conscious behaviors change into subconscious, automatic ones.

When people are left alone, they will usually go back to doing what they are comfortable with; even when that behavior is damaging to themselves and those around them. We were put on this Earth with 7 billion other people for a reason. It is so that we don’t have to change by ourselves if we choose to get assistance. My service is as valuable as it is to my clients, because I work with them and coach them on a consistent basis long enough that their new choices become subconscious or automatic.

A lot of people are afraid to look anything less than expert. Experts become experts through practice and adaptation. YOU can become expert in any area you choose if you will perform consistently and for a long enough period for that to occur. I will iterate the one vital key to your successful change;  “You need to suck at something long enough to get good at it!”

If you have struggled to make these changes on your own, email me and as my gift to you I will show you how this process works. Don’t worry, I won’t be pushing my product on you or forcing you to get into something you don’t want. I truly love to see change occur in people’s lives and you deserve to change if that is what you want. If this is not for you right now, share this link with someone you feel would benefit from this type of change.

2010 is fast approaching and most of us set new goals. I am tired of people setting goals and then not reaching them because they let low self-esteem and absurd, fear based “shy and humble acts keep them from that end.

The world needs people who are unafraid to charge forward into positive change. I am done watching people succumb to the power of negative talk. You have the power to change right now. You can change or you can go about doing what you have always done. If you choose the latter, nothing will change; you will continue being broke, fat, depressed, addicted, relationship less or any other negative behavior that you are currently acting on. Is that what you want?

If it is not what you want, I can assist you in creating the positive change you seek in your life, but only if you stand up for yourself.

Choose up!



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