April 12, 2010, 9:27 pm
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This Blog Has Moved To http://www.clearpathtraining.com/blog/
March 24, 2010, 9:03 pm
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Please make a note in your RSS feeds. This address (nicktsmith.wordpress.com) will act as an archive for my old blog posts and other information.

The new blog address is http://www.clearpathtraining.com/blog/

Clearpath Training

Thank you!

Nick Smith

All Without Words!

Thank you Charlie Cayias for this great insight.

These guys uplift and inspire millions of people from every background, ethnicity, disability and culture…

and they do it All Without Words!

Words are great but not necessary for your success!

Life Is Won Inch By Inch

The Ninja Gym
February 26, 2010, 8:10 pm
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Great little video of my friends and I at the Ninja Gym. Taking risks, reaping the rewards and having fun! Enjoy!!

Reaching Impossible Dreams

If you want  to have your vision blown open and see what you are capable of doing, watch this movie. Here is a man with an impossible dream, no money and no job who gets what he wants. There is nothing that can get in the way of our dreams but ourselves. If you haven’t seen this movie, buy it or rent it today and see what it takes to succeed!

Perceptualization vs. Visualization

Visualization is the art of seeing in your mind what it is you would like to create. The problem I have with the term is that it only incorporates one of our senses. Being creatures of perception, I feel it more appropriate to call it perceptualization which is the perception of what we want using one or all of our senses.

Our minds cannot tell the difference between what we are actually experiencing and what we are perceiving. A magician’s slight of hand is as efficient as it is because our eyes don’t always seethe trick. Virtual roller coasters work well, because of our sense of movement.

Not all people are visual. Some people create using their sense of hearing, others use their sense of touch or feeling. For this reason I feel that if one can perceive their goal in their mind using one or all of their senses, they can attain it.

My challenge is this; instead of using a vision board which uses one of your senses, Create a perception board which incorporates all of your senses. If you can, find ways to plug in things that involve your sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch and the often forgotten sixth sense; your extra sensory perception. This sixth sense can often be the “how to” of obtaining the goals you have in mind.

Choose up!